Sailors and boat drivers rely on lights and beacons for navigation. They avoid critical and even dangerous situations thanks to lights and beacons. Thus fast and precise information about lights and beacons is essential.

Lighthouse lets you easy, quick and reliable determine the lights and beacons in view from you current location and line of sight. It lists the lights according to their distance and bearing from the current location.

Lighthouse uses the data provided by Online List of Lights. The lights are downloaded and permanently stored on your device, such that Lighthouses works completely offline.

Lighthouse is easy to use and provides an intuitive and simple user interface. Lighthouse can be configured to your own preference.

Lighthouse is available for iPhone and iPad.


How to use



The main view lets you determine lighthouse by using the camera. The top line indicates the current bearing as well as the left- and rightmost bearing of the screen edge. The lines below gives you the lighthouses in the range and direction of the camera. The range can be adjusted in the settings. The bottom line shows the current location and let you access the settings settings and brings you to this help screen help.

Swiping left brings you to the Volumes view.


List of volumes:

Volume A British Isles & Coast North of France
Volume B Southern and Eastern Sides of the North Sea
Volume C Baltic Sea
Volume D Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Arabian and Red Seas
Volume E West Mediterranean
Volume F North-East Indian Ocean, Central part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas (North of the Equator)
Volume G Western Side of South Atlantic Ocean and East Pacific Ocean
Volume H Northern and Eastern Coasts of Canada
Volume J Western Side of the North Atlantic Ocean
Volume K Indian and Pacific Oceans, South of the Equator
Volume L Northern Seas
Volume M Western side of North Pacific Ocean
Volume N East Mediterranean and Black Seas
Volume P North Part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas, plus Western Part of East China, Philippine and Yellow Seas

Open the volume with forward. Swiping left brings you back to the main view.


Download the lighthouses in the volume from List of Lights with download or delete the lighthouses with waste. The lighthouses are stored in or deleted from the local database automatically. The icon close closes the volume view.


Download Images

Choose wheter lighthouse images should be downloaded or not. If no images are loaded, downloads are faster and memory space is reduced significantly.

Maximum Lighhouse Distance

Set range scanned for lighthouses. Putting the slider to the left position sets the range to 1nm, to the right selects a range of 100nm. The middle position corresponds to 10nm.

Unit of Lenght

Choose whether kilometers (km), meters (m) or nautical miles (nm) is used as unit of length.

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0.1 February 22, 2018 Improved lights download
Added swipe hints
1.0 February 13, 2018 Initial release